“I’m Too Busy to Think About That Right Now…”

“I’m Too Busy to Think About That Right Now…”

How many times have you said this, or something like it?

The question is…what are you busy doing? Are those activities moving you forward productively, or are you in a cycle of perpetual damage control? Too often, “I’m too busy” really means “leave me alone.” It’s an attempt to get the one commodity that is in rare supply when you’re feeling overwhelmed: PEACE.

Whether it’s an impending deadline, a difficult client or financial stress, there are concerns that occupy your thoughts that will keep you feeling stuck. We often avoid the very actions that will relieve those internal and external pressures.

What if I told you, that by addressing things now, you could have lasting peace?

In his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey classifies tasks into 4 categories. The optimal category is called “Important But Not Urgent.” They are the things you can do that will have the greatest impact, but aren’t due immediately. When we’re in crisis mode, we’re usually dealing with “Important and Urgent.” When there are too many Important/Urgent things accumulate in that category, we can disempowered.

So if you find yourself saying “I’m Too Busy,” that’s the time to stop (at a reasonable stopping point), take a step back and assess what’s going on. Someone (like us) may be trying to offer you some help!

Here are some things you CAN get busy doing…

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Don’t stay trapped in “Groundhog Day” scenario…step boldly out of your routine into something greater!



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