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What We Do and Why It Matters

Brains & Beauty

The work we do is about effective communication. While making our deliverables visually appealing is an important part of it, that’s not where our value begins and ends. A great deal of research and discovery is required to develop on-target messaging that meets your needs.

Lofty & Grounded

While the creative process is not always linear and deals with intangibles, the results we achieve are specific and measurable. These include bottom-line metrics like increased sales, increased market share, and shortened sales cycles…as well as more qualitative measures like increased brand awareness, a more satisfying customer experience, and greater social impact.

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Our Unique Approach

Often, the branding journey begins with an immediate need, like “we need a logo…” or “we need a web site.” 

Experience has taught us to start with the process instead of the product for better outcomes.

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Resource Center


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)


GOAL: Recruit more small and disadvantaged businesses nationwide to pursue business opportunities with the Department.


APPROACH: Raise the OSDBU’s profile by creating a new logo and brand identity with a more “commercial” and less “government” feel. Support the rollout of the brand during a multi-city business fair tour and webcasts for internal and external stakeholders.

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