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NCCF provides programming and services centered around building strong, healthy children and family relationships. The organization was experiencing explosive growth resulting from a major contract win.

Our consulting work centers around creating clarity among NCCF’s key stakeholders about its mission and processes. We began by gaining a comprehensive understanding of who they are, how they work and, most importantly, how it impacts the women, children, and teens that participate in their programs. This allowed us to develop communications solutions that were effective in moving people to action through their intellectual and emotional appeal.

First in a series of videos designed to recruit parents for teens in foster care. The informative and entertaining videos emphasize that teens in foster care are simply normal teens who need the opportunities afforded by a stable home. 

Multichannel Awareness Campaigns

After consulting with NCCF staff to understand the foster parent application and screening process, we developed a microsite focused on allowing potential foster parents to begin the process. This was accompanied by bilingual exhibit signs, rack cards, transit ads, and digital banners. 

NCCF Foster Care Home Page
NCCF Foster Care Banner - English
NCCF Foster Care Banner - Spanish

Recognition Videos

To support NCCF’s annual Foster Parent Awards Banquet, we produced these video introductions showcasing the awardees. During the 2020 pandemic, these videos had to be produced exclusively from footage recorded over Zoom.

Innovation Support

NCCF has taken an innovative approach to revenue generation to support its important programs. One of those methods was to develop a separate for-profit entity to provide training and CEU credits to social workers. We developed the identity and registration website for the Institute for Mastery and Integration (IMI) as part of this effort.

Web Sample - Institute for Mastery

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