Believe in a Better Tomorrow

Believe in a Better Tomorrow

Do You Believe? 

For all entrepreneurs, business is personal – no matter what we say! Once we accept that statement, we are forced me to face an uncomfortable truth – as important as it is to make a living, there are some things that are more important.

In the course of almost 20 years in business, I’ve faced many trials. In looking back, the times where I felt the worst, the times when I was at my lowest, were not the times when it was hard to make ends meet. They were the times when I took on a job that I shouldn’t have taken, because I needed the money.

I had to ask myself – why was I having such a hard time starting this job, or staying on schedule? It was because I didn’t believe in either the project, or our ability to deliver given the constraints.

Eventually, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’re not going to do your best work. Dread leads to procrastination, which makes dealing with difficult projects even more difficult.

This holiday season, give yourself a gift: make some New Year’s Resolutions that go something like this…

I Will Support Causes I Believe In, even if they’re not always popular or extremely profitable.
I Will NOT Support Causes I DON’T Believe In, no matter how profitable they are.
I Will Believe What My Data SAYS, not just what I WANT to be true.
I Will Believe What My Customer DOES, not just what they say (the two won’t always match up).

I Will Speak Up When Something’s Not Right. Because you’re not doing anyone any favors by remaining silent just to avoid conflict.

I Will Be Prepared to Walk Away from A Bad Deal. You may feel like you’re leaving money on the table, but that’s better than leaving your dignity on the table!

I Will Sacrifice Today’s Needs for Tomorrow’s Goals, so you aren’t making bad decisions based on scarcity. Put yourself in a position where you aren’t pressed for time or resources.

It may take a month, or a year, or 20, but trust me…you’ll be glad you did.


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