Are You a Swan?

Are You a Swan?


Remember the Story of the Ugly Duckling?

He was awkward, oversized, and oddly colored compared to the other baby ducks. Because of this, the duckling was ridiculed, bullied and, ultimately,  ran away.

The thing was, the “Ugly Duckling” was neither ugly, nor a duckling…he was a swan in the wrong environment! He was being judged – and judging himself – by a standard that simply didn’t apply. When he was discovered by a community of other swans, he was recognized for who he truly was, and treated with kindness, respect and admiration!

In business terms, there are a few lessons here:

  • Be Authentic About Who You Are – do you have hidden strengths, or weaknesses you’re trying to suppress? Judging yourself too harshly, or glossing over areas that need to be addressed? Having a trusted advisor to help make you aware of your blind spots is key to the transformation that can lead to a better future.
  • Context Is Everything – how you position yourself, and how you’re perceived, depends greatly upon the environment in which you’re operating. Do you know who your audience really is? Are you sending the right message to the right people, at the right time?
  • There’s a Place for You – if your current circumstances aren’t working for you, there’s always an alternative. Every solution doesn’t involve moving on from your present environment, but some do. Don’t be afraid to take your talents, products or services to more welcoming (and profitable) markets.

Do you have a “ugly duckling/ displaced swan” business story of your own to tell? Looking for guidance to discover your target community and propel you to new heights? At Masai Interactive, we help leaders in businesses and organizations to communicate their unique offering with the audiences most likely to buy, join or donate.

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