Telling the Human Story…

NCCF provides programming and services centered around building strong, healthy children and family relationships. The organization was experiencing explosive growth resulting from a major contract win.


Our consulting work centers around creating clarity among NCCF’s key stakeholders about its mission and processes. We began by gaining a comprehensive understanding of who they are, how they work and, most importantly, how it impacts the women, children, and teens that participate in their programs. This allowed us to develop communications solutions that were effective in moving people to action through their intellectual and emotional appeal.

Video Production

We produced this series of videos to highlight each of the award recipients for NCCF’s annual Foster Parent Awards Banquet. Using the recipients’ own words, we showcased NCCF’s most effective foster parents as role models for the hundreds of parents in their organization.

The Monk Family

Lending Voice to Special Needs

The Hartwells


Demetria Gregory

Exceptional & Ultimate

Watti Hill

Promoting the Birth Family

Annette Williams & John Moore

Quick Study

Jaqueline Johnson


Michesa Lawson

Navigating the Needs and Delivering the Goods

Web & Digital Media

NCCF’s exisiting web site was trying to serve a multitude of purposes. We developed two niche microsites which targeted specific communities and called for specific actions.

Foster Care Microsite

One of NCCF’s core missions is the recruitment and preparation of foster parents for licensure. We took the one page from the existing NCCF web site and developed a full fledged microsite designed to make it easy for those interested in foster parenting to find out more about the process.


      • the site was dark and didn’t generate much visual energy
      • there was lots of text and no specific places for the eye to focus
      • the image of the child, though cute, doesn’t represent a full image of what foster parenting looks like
      • the Call to Action gets lost


      • the site is bright and appealing
      • messages are clear, immediate and inspire action
      • images are a truer to the actual demographic of foster parents and children

Institute for Mastery and Integration

NCCF created the Institute for Mastery and Integration to differentiate its training and CEU offerings for human services professionals. The microsite has a look that still connects with the NCCF brand, but includes elements that make it distinct and allow visitors to register for training courses.

Bilingual Marketing Collateral

We developed all printed banners, rack cards and digital ads in both English and Spanish to attract Latino foster parent applicants.