There’s No Price Too High for Peace of Mind

There’s No Price Too High for Peace of Mind

Running a business is an exercise in making the most of the resources you have. Often, we complain about not having enough time, not having enough money, or not having enough help. But in reality, the most precious resource you have, and the one that will make the biggest difference in your success is Peace of Mind.

How long does it take to come up with a great, game-changing idea? If you’re on vacation, reading a book, or daydreaming, it can take a split second. But if you’re constantly bombarded with phone calls, text messages, emails, social media, and meetings; when you’re continuously faced with problems, confrontations and following up behind people to make sure they do what they’re supposed to do…the answer can be hours, days, months…

Even when you have time, money and manpower, you can make bad decisions (or no decision) when your mind isn’t free to listen, observe, explore, and weigh options. You feel bullied by the world, and you will do anything to make the bullying stop, including:

  • withdrawing from friends, business or social activities
  • alienating those who try to help
  • ceasing all advertising (why would you want more pesky customers?)

Engaging in avoidance and counterproductive behavior will only make the problem worse. The world doesn’t want to harass you…they just crave your expertise and assistance, and giving it to them benefits everyone!

Here are some way to get the Peace of Mind you need…

Exercise – walk, run, swim, kickbox, whatever gets you moving and takes you to a different place;

Simplify – de-clutter your home and work space, turn off your devices and just deal with one thing at a time

Be Outside – experience your surroundings and be distracted.

Have Fun without Guilt – whether you’re by yourself or surrounded with positive people, do things you enjoy and try not to think about all the other things that aren’t getting done (it will be hard at first, but practice makes perfect!)

Be Honest with Yourself about What You Can (and Want To) Do – we cram our schedule with tasks that can be delegated or rescheduled. Keep the highest priorities and the things you have the aptitude for, and parcel out the rest over time.

Remember, you’re important, too…you deserve Peace of Mind, no matter what else is going on in your life! Build time for it into your schedule, even if you have to tell people you’re in a “meeting.” You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes!

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