Let’s Talk About Money!

Let’s Talk About Money!


Now that I have your attention…

I love what I do, and believe that it has value. Because of this, I can go on and on about all the benefits of good design, marketing and process.

Unfortunately, the whole time I’m giving my spectacular presentation, the voice in the impatient, struggling entrepreneur’s head is asking two really loud questions:


  • How Much Do You Cost?
  • How Long Will It Take?


So rather than keep you in suspense, I figured I’d just answer those questions up front…

Cost & Schedule

Our fee = the hourly rate x the projected number of hours the project will take.

Our hourly rate is between $65 – $125 an hour, depending on the complexity of the project. Complexity is determined by the range of services we are expected to provide, the speed of turnaround and the size of your organization.

Generally, turnaround times range from 4-6 weeks for smaller projects and 10-12 weeks for more complex projects. The projected number of person-hours is based on our experience dealing with projects of similar scope. Because we do this a lot, we’ve gotten pretty good at predicting how much work a project will take. We don’t pad our numbers – the projected level of effort is what our actual expectation is.

There’s Always A Price

It can be tempting, but experience will tell you that shortcutting the process to save money seldom ends well.

  • Doing it yourself;
  • hiring a less experienced company;
  • asking a freelancer for the “hookup;”
  • or taking no action at all…

…all come with a cost, in money, time and aggravation. They burn bridges and leave everyone unsatisfied.

Let’s Talk About Value

Isn’t it better to build a relationship with someone you trust, who provides the services you need at a fair price?

Imagine a world where you can serve happy, loyal customers who stay with you for a lifetime – where you can have a joyful workplace and still achieve work/life balance with an abundance of time and resources.

Is such a world possible? Yes it is – with vision, patience and authentic collaboration.

Masai Interactive is dedicated to helping your business or organization create such an environment for you, your team members and the people you serve. We are more than just a graphic or web design firm – we help you to achieve tangible, measurable results using innovative and creative thought, processes and communication to create fulfilling outcomes for everyone! How’s that for a return on your investment?

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