Just Because It’s Got “Pro” in the Name…

Just Because It’s Got “Pro” in the Name…

How much is that “Pro Bono” work costing you?

Over the years, we’ve done a lot of work with small nonprofit organizations in various stages of development. From this experience, we’ve observed 4 make-or-break factors which we believe ultimately determine the success or failure of most mission-based organizations:

Pontificating – we know you’ve passionate, but resist the temptation to tell your story in a rambling, self-righteous way. Make sure your written and verbal message is clear, focused and compelling.

Champagne Taste, Kool-Aid Budget – be prepared to pay for the services you need, especially accounting, marketing, key program experts and administrative services. You want your support in these areas to be top-quality and accountable. Go with the “Pro,” not the “Pro Bono.”

Stacking the Board with Friends & Family – you need board members that have operational or fundraising experience as well as connections to resources. This may mean going outside your immediate circle of supporters and volunteers.

Get Leadership Training – just because you’re the founder, doesn’t automatically make you a leader. Managing operations, funds, personnel and Donors take specific skill sets that may not come naturally. Read, attend seminars, join organizations and be open to new ways of thinking and doing.

Don’t know what you don’t know? We can help!

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