Is Your Dream Workable?

Is Your Dream Workable?

As entrepreneurs, we like to believe in the “Myth of Singular Achievement” – that we can create our business from nothing, and build a thriving venture with only the strength of our ideas and the grit of determination to carry us through. I’ve tried this approach, and I’ve seen others try it, and it doesn’t work. After years of helping other entrepreneurs achieve success, there are 2 facts that I can attest to…

1. Good Ideas are a dime a dozen.
2. Nobody succeeds alone.

The best idea (and the best intentions) will not make an organization successful. Don’t get me wrong – it’s important, it’s the beginning of something, but it does not pay any bills. Your vision can inspire others to action, but your ability to follow through on that vision will be hobbled if you don’t have the resources to carry it through, or you are expecting it to pay for itself on your schedule. That’s a good way to create a vicious cycle of debt and desperation.

While the “lone wolf” narrative sounds good for press releases, the most successful individuals come to the table with resources to back them up. Not just financial resources, but qualified people who bring truth and value to the relationship – trusted advisors; a viable client list; a supportive spouse or parent. And even then, they make mistakes – they just have the wiggle room to recover from them. When you don’t, you just dig the hole deeper.

So what do you do if you’re already stuck?

1. Realize that doing more of what you’ve been doing is not the answer. The hamster wheel only stops when you get off of it!

2. Stop doing the things that don’t work. Whether it’s out of obligation or habit, remove yourself from bad situations and environments. Keep doing the things that do work.

3. Ask for help. For many of us, this is the most difficult step, but nothing changes until you take it.

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