I Love You, But…

I Love You, But…

I Love You, But…You Know You’re A Piece of Work!

Dear Clients:

2015 marks the 20th year since I walked into my last manager’s office and laid my resignation on his chair.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of you in all kinds of businesses and organizations, from one-person operations to government agencies. Our relationship has given me a unique perspective on organizational behavior and, ultimately, human behavior.

I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences with you, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But I have to be honest…some of y’all are a real piece of work!

Come on, you know it’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I have my faults, but I’ve seen some really cringe-worthy behavior over the years.

I took the liberty of making a list…please bear with me…

Signs That You’re A Real Piece of Work:

Not Doing Your Homework – you often come to me in a panic, saying you need something urgently, but I get zero information. What business are you in? Who are your target clients? Who are your competitors? Where’s the content – text, photos, data? I want to help you, but give me something to work with here!

Being A Scope Creep – you sweet talk me into taking on your project, using words like “simple,” “easy” and “quick.” Once I’m committed, the situation changes radically. There’s a bus load of “oh by the ways” and “can you throw this in,” and “I’ve changed my mind.” The scope of work is ever-evolving, yet you expect for the price and schedule not to change. Who does that?

You’re Still Married to Your Old Habits – you ask for my help, but every time I recommend a change, you come up with a reason why you can’t make it. You said you wanted something new, why won’t you let me give it to you?

Shopping My Price All Over Town – you know I treat you well, why do you insist on always comparing me to other people? Especially the ones you see during those SuperBowl ads? And yet you’ll talk about what you spent on that fancy car or recent vacation. Where’s the appreciation?

Being Afraid of Technology – so many times you say, “I can’t” or “I don’t have time to learn” when it comes to using my online applications that could make our lives so much easier. I believe you can, and you should have more confidence in yourself. Take the time; you’ll thank me later.

Acting Like Chicken Little – a mentor of mine once said, “there are no design emergencies.” There’s no need to panic every time a change needs to be made or a deadline approaches. If you haven’t heard from me, it’s probably because I’m working on your stuff…and manic voicemails, emails and texts aren’t going to help me get them done any faster!

Like I said, we’ve had some great times together and I really care about you and I am invested in your success and the success of your business.  I believe that honesty is essential to any relationship and I want us to work together for a long time. So here’s to 20 more years together and to our continued success!


Love Always,




P.S. I’d love to find out more about what’s going on in your world. Let’s talk about it sooner rather than later!

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