I had a plant that I was given by a client about 2 years ago (the only plant in my life that I’ve managed not to kill!). It was still in the original pot, and had actually grown quite a bit. Anyway, I decided a couple of days ago to re-pot it. I went out, bought a bag of soil and a new pot, not remembering the size of the original.

Well, I got it home and I put the 2 pots side by side, and said to myself, “this pot is HUGE! This little plant is going to be swimming in it.” But I thought again, pulled the plant out of the old pot (the old soil was practically all roots compacted together), filled the new pot with soil and stuck the plant in. Then I looked at the old pot, and thought, “how tiny is that thing? How did that plant survive all this time? Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

The plant reminds me of my dreams (and a lot of other people’s). We keep them confined to fit our circumstances, when in fact we should expand our world so they can grow freely. And then we look back and say, “why didn’t I do that sooner?” I can’t wait to see how big it gets now!

Don’t wait another day. Broaden your circle of influence – your environment, your skills, your relationships. Don’t shrink to fit your present condition; it may not kill you, but you won’t become any better either. That is very definition of stagnation. Make room for the growth that is coming – more growth than you could imagine!

Can you think of a time in your life when you didn’t know what you were capable of…until you changed your perspective? Share it with us…