Who Are You Training With?

Who Are You Training With?

If you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I love the way I feel when it’s over. And when I work out consistently (along with proper nutrition, sleep and water) I love the results I achieve!

But AS SOON AS life interferes….or I feel like I’ve made “enough” progress…I slack off!

I think of myself as a pretty organized, disciplined person. But if I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that without a coach or accountability partner, I will fall right back into my old habits. When I work out on my own, I will quit when I get tired instead of pushing myself. If there’s a work deadline looming, I will skip it entirely. When I’m stressed, I will stuff my face with all kinds of (tasty, yet) fattening foods!

You’re probably the same way when it comes to promoting your business.

When you implement a good marketing campaign, it results in increased work and revenue….and you celebrate by coasting for a month or two. Then the work slows down. By the time you realize you have to kickstart the marketing again, business has slowed to a trickle. That isn’t a coincidence.

The only way to break the vicious cycle is to stay on the marketing wagon in the first place!

That’s where we come in.

Think of us as your personal trainer for business development – we can’t do all the work FOR you, but we will work WITH you to create the plan and tools you need, and be your accountability partner for performing the “exercises” required to reach your goals.

All you have to do is commit to being a full and active participant…but that’s the real trick, isn’t it?

We all have to start someplace – why not start right here?

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